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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Biotin do?
Biotin is a member of the B-vitamin family and it plays a key role in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Can B12 be chewed and why does your Sublingual B-12 take several minutes to dissolve?
Vitamin B12 is very dependent on the stomach and an intact digestive tract for digestion and absorption. When B12 is swallowed, it isn’t uncommon for less than 5% to be absorbed post-surgery. To absorb B12 under the tongue, it needs to stay under the tongue for several minutes. We purposely designed our Sublingual B12 to dissolve slowly to maximize absorption.


Can I open the capsules?
Any of the capsules can be opened and mixed in to soft food. Clients should be aware that products designed to be swallowed in capsules are not sweetened or flavored, thus you may find the flavor to be a little unpleasant. You can mask some of this flavor in a soft food. Low sugar apple sauce or yogurts are popular choices.


Do I need Sublingual B-12 if I am taking your Multivitamin?
Our multivitamin provides you with comprehensive B-complex; however, some people require more B-12 depending on their surgery type or daily dosage. Your doctor or surgeon should be able to tell you if they want you to take an additional B-complex.


What is the most calcium I can take at one time?
It is ideal to limit calcium intake to 500 milligrams at a time. Taking more than that in one sitting is wasteful since the body can only absorb 500 milligrams of calcium every few hours.


I am reading to get the surgery but don't know much about it. Who do you recommend for information?
One of our favorite resources is They have spent the time to put together a great guide on those considering weight loss surgery and we highly recommend you research to see if you are a candidate for bypass.


Will insurance pay for my Vita4Life! supplements?
The answer is unfortunately usually no. Some people find that can get coverage with a written letter from their doctor or surgeon. Since vitamins are considered a health requirement after bariatric procedures, most doctors or surgeons are happy to write a prescription and let patients attempt to receive reimbursement. You can also look into medical savings accounts or cafeteria plans which may provide some tax relief. You can ask your medical insurer for more information related to this topic. Good luck!


Is there gluten in Vita4Life! supplements?
Gluten is a special type of protein that is commonly found in rye, wheat, and barley and can be an allergen (sometimes fatal) in some people. All of our vitamins are wheat and gluten free.


Why am I losing my hair?
There are many reasons why people lose hair. Some reasons are nutritional and some are not. If you’ve recently had surgery, you may be experiencing telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is a condition which occurs when you experience some type of shock to your system, either emotional or physical. This causes hair roots to be pushed prematurely into the resting state. Hair loss isn't permanent and hair typically grows back once the condition that caused it corrects itself, but it usually takes months.


Should I take my vitamins with food?
Most vitamins are better tolerated and absorbed if taken with food. We recommend our multivitamin be taken with food. Our calcium citrate and sublingual B-12 can be taken with or without food.


Why do I have to take so many capsules?
Better forms of vitamins and minerals take up more space. Calcium citrate for example takes up two to three times more space than calcium carbonate. Trust us, if we could fit everything necessary to keep you healthy into one or two capsules, we would.


How do you ship your products?
We use the USPS priority mail system to ship our products. We offer an express delivery option; however, you will need to call us to have us place your order for you to take advantage of this option. It is less expensive and less stressful to order a week before your vitamin supply expires. We offer an automatic reorder system that can be set up in your account settings. Please call us if you require assistance or more information regarding this feature.


What is your return policy?
If you would like to return a product, please call us on our toll free line to discuss your return. Vitamins: We allow returns or exchanges within two weeks of purchase. Upon receiving the product, we will inspect the bottle, and issue you a refund provided the seal has not been tampered with. For safety reasons, we will not accept returns, or issue refunds on opened products. The address to return products to is:


Product Return Address:


Vita4Life! Inc.
1143 Scenic Crest Dr.
Henderson, NV 89052


Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, we do. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order, and we can cancel your order for you. Please be advised that if your order has already shipped, we cannot cancel your order. However, we will refund your money once our warehouse receives the products.


What is your privacy policy?
We do not sell or give your information, including your email address to anyone, ever. Your trust means a lot to us, and we take your privacy very seriously.