The Crucial Yet Overlooked Factor in Supplements: Dissolution Time

The Crucial Yet Overlooked Factor in Supplements: Dissolution Time

Bariatric Supplements; The Importance of Capsule Dissolution Time


When we take a vitamin supplement, most of us only look at what the product says on the ingredients label and the price. We automatically assume we are receiving the benefits of the supplement that the manufacturer claims. Unfortunately, many supplement manufacturers spend unbelievable amounts of money on advertising to then cut corners and produce cheap products to maximize profits. Along with loading the product with harmful fillers using cheap manufacturing methods leads to slow dissolution time and reduced absorption of the supplement. You get what you pay for!


So why is dissolution time of a supplement important? Lack of quality control and cheap manufacturing methods can lead to capsules and tablets that are too tightly packed or overly coated. These poorly made supplements can remain intact in the system for hours, often never fully dissolving before they are passed through the body unused. A poor disintegration of a capsule or tablet does not allow the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals, thus providing none of the benefits we think we are getting by taking the supplement. This is especially true with gummy and chewable products which should be avoided at all times, especially for bariatric patients.


Taking a quality supplement that dissolves quickly is important for patients with bariatric surgery. Gastric bypass patients and those who have undergone other bariatric procedures to reduce the size of the stomach or intestines require daily multivitamins to supplement the lack of nutrients their bodies are now consuming. Bariatric patients depend on receiving all the nutrients in their supplements to live a healthy postoperative lifestyle. A faster dissolution time leads to higher bioavailability of the nutrients allowing the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals completely.


Vita4Life has designed all encapsulated products to dissolve in less than 2 minutes allowing for maximum bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals and full absorption. This fast dissolution and having no fillers in any of our products are why many patients have seen vastly improved health and laboratory results. Companies that claim to provide “bariatric supplements” in gummy and chewable form have no interest in your health. Bariatric patients really do require the highest quality supplements and that is what Vita4Life provides.


The next time you are searching for a quality supplement, remember to not just search for a  cheap price. Do some research on the product you are taking and make sure it dissolves quickly!


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