About us

A Little About Us

Vita4Life! has been in business since 1996. From that time forward we have produced fast dissolving, high quality, convenient, and filler-free vitamins and supplements. They are designed to produce the results you need to fit into your active lifestyle.


Our time and careers have been dedicated to helping to improve the lives and health of others. We take this responsibility very seriously and with great humility. We understand that our products must be as potent as possible helping provide the best health supplements on the market. This includes:


  • Fast absorbing capsules (dissolution in less than two (2) minutes*).
  • All of our encapsulated products contain zero fillers.
  • Each formula offers high levels of each vitamin and mineral.
  • Each compound associated with each vitamin and mineral is consistently updated when determined it will assist even better the absorption potential.


We simply leave it to you to choose the daily volume to consume for your health physically, mentally and lab work always on target.


From day one we have realized that the public has continually been fooled by larger companies with huge advertising budgets. These large companies have taken advantage of the public for years by providing products that don’t contain what there supplement facts indicate they do. They also in no way live up to our strict guideline of providing vitamins and health supplements which provide you 100% supplement fact accuracy. What your reading / consuming is in elemental form. (Each vitamin and mineral are exactly as stated on our supplement facts).


You can rest assured that we will always offer the best health supplements with none of the hype and directed misinforming that come with all large firms whether over the counter or found online.


At Vita4Life! we’re like a family. Your family that cares about your health.


About Our Manufacturing


  • Manufacturer meets or exceeds all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.
  • Facility ensures strict quality control using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).
  • Facility uses only the best Certificate of Analysis (CofA) tested and approved dietary nutrients.
  • Our encapsulated products are free of all common allergens, sugars, binders, fillers, artificial colors and flavors.

Our Product Line


Our line of products are primarily made up of encapsulated powder formulas which can easily be taken in formulations and dosages recommended by your doctor or surgeon. Our capsules are bariatric friendly, and dissolve within two (2) minutes* of ingestion.


It is our sincere hope that we have provided you an overview you can understand and that all of us associated with Vita4Life! have one direction always in our forefront and that is your health!


*Individual results may vary