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Our supplement products for bariatric patients

Proper micronutrient replacement is a vital component to success in your initial and continued journey as a bariatric patient. Our sole mission since 1997 is to provide you with products that are scientifically designed to help you along your journey to becoming your best self. We focus on providing you with bariatric surgery friendly, filler-free, high potency vitamins and minerals with associated updating compounds encapsulated that dissolve in less than two minutes*.


100% Accurate Nutritional Information

Our family of supplements are all FDA approved and safe to consume. Each of our supplements are of the highest potency for maximizing each patients positive return. Our capsules are designed for one purpose – rapid complete dissolution time in under 2 minutes *. Each encapsulated product contains the perfect percentage of vitamin / mineral and compound for the body to fully absorb. All our bariatric vitamins include supportive levels of vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin D, iron and more to optimize health.

Guarantee of potency & purity

The overwhelming majority of multi-vitamins and supplements over the counter or online whether in chewable, liquid, capsule or gummy form contain on average at least 50% of what you are consuming as filler leaving little to nothing in vitamins or minerals for your body to absorb. Studies have found and are available online that many of these man made chemicals block the absorption of the minimum amounts of vitamins and minerals most companies produce today. Add to that other studies found online that many of these same chemicals cause allergies from minor to major issues that vary from the type of surgery a patient has had. We assure you that every single bottle within our family of products is 100% accurate in its consistency and its purity.

Recommended by bypass surgeons

Many surgeons recommend our line of products to begin taking prior to their invasive or non-invasive procedure. It is found that procedure recovery is quicker when consuming any of our multi-vitamin products.
A strong percentage of USA By-Pass Surgeons as well as International Surgeons who specialize in various By-Pass procedure have found their patients to return faster from their chosen by-pass as well as live much healthier lives. Time after time, their lab results show patients living better lives.

100% pure multivitamins with no fillers

Fillers are man made chemicals which are added to vitamins to bind, flavor, sweeten, enlarge or color the product. But our encapsulated family of products are 100% free of any / all fillers. All our bariatric multivitamins meet CGMP Requirements and are free of chemical binders, colors and artificial preservatives.

Vegiterian Non-GMO Yeast Free No Artficial Flavors Gluton Free
Lactos Free No Soy No Iron No Artficial Colors Wheat Free
No Chemicals No Sugar No Nuts No Preservatives No Eggs

Our Shipping to USA is FREE for all items

Our guarantee is that we will always provide free shipping to all sizes of orders placed for delivery within the USA. We further assure you that you can expect delivery within the USA in 2/3 days and International between 6 / 9 days.