Story of Success: Brian

When I started my journey I was 19. I have struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old. It was a gradual gain, I was getting larger in time until high school when I reached a pinnacle, 420lbs. 

It wasn't an issue as I was active, popular, played football, and had friends. I did notice however not with girls. 

It was fine, I went on about my business, graduated, started college and when I turned 19 it all changed. I met a girl that I've known almost my whole life. I was friends with her brother but I knew right away we were going to get married and I wanted to see myself grow old with her, our kids grow up, our grandkids grow up. So I made the choice to get a consult with Dr. Lester Cooperstone at North Shore hospital in NY which at the time in 2001 a XY bypass was not the norm. I was morbidly obese, borderline diabetic, and had high cholesterol. If I didn't do something I was going to die and soon. 


I met with the Doc and he showed me what was going on in my body and what my life would ultimately turn out to be if I continued down my path. He then showed me his success stories, showed me what could be if I wanted to do it. I went through rigourous psych evals, and medical testing to make sure I was ready. And on Dec 8 2001 my life changed forever. Fast forward to today as I write this on June 12th 2019 18 years later. I am a 235lb 38 year old who just celebrated his daughter's 8th birthday, about to celebrate my 10th father's day, and I am going to be sitting in on my son's elementary school graduation and 10th birthday next week. 


Me and my wife have been together from that day for 19 years married this August 12 years (same woman) have 2 amazing children and I could not be happier. I am able to be active outdoors, go camping, rafting, play old man softball, and more.  If it wasn't for the XY bariatric surgery and Greg Race in the beginning helping me with the Vita4life bariatric vitamins, I honestly don't think I would be around right now to see all of my happiest dreams come true. 



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