Story of Success: Tracy








I wasn’t always overweight. As a child, I was always active and playing sports and games with all of my friends. I played on at least 2 softball teams every summer. I didn’t start to gain weight until after I had my children. I put their needs above mine to make sure they were happy and healthy. I had wanted to have gastric bypass because I had exhausted all other options. I just wasn’t losing weight. The final straw that made me go visit a gastric bypass doctor for a consultation was when I had to ask for a seat belt extension on an airplane. I was mortified and I silently cried the whole flight.

I scheduled my appointment and the doctor told me that I was the perfect candidate for weight loss surgery. She told me that other than being overweight, I was perfectly healthy! So, I had a surgery date scheduled for 26 Feb 06. The procedure I had was the Biliopancreatic Diversion w/ Duodenal Switch (BPD). My weight the day of my surgery was 301 lbs.

Within a year I had lost 170 lbs. and to this day I still weigh 137 lbs!

Life after surgery was great! I had so much energy! I’d walk 2 miles with my youngest son and then bike 4 miles with my oldest son. Spending time with them and enjoying doing the thing they enjoyed was worth having the procedure! I could do so many things that I had not been able to do before my surgery. I could ride roller coasters again, tie my shoes without having to sit down and not get winded when shopping or walking. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!

I started taking the Vita4Life vitamins and calcium immediately after my surgery at the advice of my doctor and I still take them today. I feel like they are part of my success. They keep me healthy!

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