Sunshine Vitamin: Battling Winter Blues with Vitamin D

Sunshine Vitamin: Battling Winter Blues with Vitamin D

Bariatric Supplements: Vitamin D in the Winter


Nearly 50% of the world’s population experiences vitamin D deficiency(1) . If you are like most people who live in an environment that is not conducive for outdoor activities during the winter months, you have likely experienced some degree of the “winter time blues”. Lack of exposure to sunlight decreases our absorption of vitamin D from sunlight, which has been found to have a large impact on our brain function, specifically pertaining to depression. A 2005 study by the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy found that vitamin D receptors were located in the same area of the brain linked to depression. That is why vitamin D deficiency is often the culprit for seasonal depression disorder. 


So what does vitamin D deficiency feel like? The symptoms come in varying degrees but can often include:


·        Chronic fatigue, problems concentrating, low energy, or lethargic feeling

·        Weakness or pain in the muscles, joints, or bones

·        Reduced interest, forgetfulness, and feelings of sadness, helplessness, or hopelessness

·        Increased anxiety

·        Insomnia or excessive sleep

·        Excessive weight gain or weight loss

·        Loss of sexual interest


In addition to playing a vital role in brain health, vitamin D is essential for:


·        Maintaining bone and teeth health

·        Supporting the immune and nervous systems

·        Reducing the risk of cancer

·        Regulating insulin levels to support diabetes management (common for bariatric patients)

·        Supporting cardiovascular and lung health


People who are not able to receive vitamin D from sunlight can compensate by eating foods high in vitamin D such as fish, eggs, and mushrooms. Patients of bariatric surgery may be prone to a magnified impact of lack of vitamin D due to the decreased ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins in their daily diet due to the surgery. Because of this, it is crucial for bariatric patients to complement their daily diet with a vitamin D supplement.


Vita4Life offers an excellent vitamin D3 supplement to help fight vitamin D deficiency. This formula is packed with 30,000 IU of water-miscible vitamin D as cholecalciferol (D3). Most high potency products contain vitamin D2 which is not as bioavailable as this high potency, water-miscible D3 formula. This product also contains a certified organic 6 blend mycelia formula for antioxidant benefits. The mycelia formula is minimally processed to ensure maximum bioavailability of the mycelium’s protective compounds, provided in entirety, rather than isolates. They help fortify the immune system and may increase anti-microbial support.


For people who believe they may be experiencing vitamin D deficiency, it is highly recommended that you start taking a daily vitamin D supplement. Nobody likes experiencing those winter time blues so get on top of it this year and get some of that sunshine vitamin!

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